Gen-bo (mzgoody2shoes) wrote in seducing_stares,

Tip: You guys should make your application copy and paste-able. It would help :)

1. Name Genevieve (Gen)
2. Age Fifteen
3. Location Shelby, Michigan
4. Describe Yourself I am a music kid. I love music. I wear lots of band shirts and stuff. I am very crafty, and fun. I have a huge imagination. I'm very gen-like!
5. What do you like best about yourself, Be honest. I like my eyes and my stomach/abs. I am perty fit...I work out a lot
6. Do You Receive Lots Of Compliments? About What? Yeah. I'm thin, blonde and my eyes are blue. A lot of people like that
7. What Is Your Favorite Thing To Wear? My snoopy hoodie and DNKY jeans. I don't have a picture
8. Why Should You Be A Part Of Seducing_Stares? I'm a very honest person and totally love judging people, yeah...that sounds bitchy.
9. What Atores Do You Shop At? American Eagle, Hollister
10. How Would You Label Yourself? Punk, Emo, Prep. Im kinda all over. Depends on my mood
11. Promote 2 Places and
12. Pictures!


I'm the 1's applicant!
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